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If you have a young driver in your family this book is a must have!

This book is intended for anyone wanting to become a more defensive driver. It’s especially ideal for new drivers learning how to navigate our streets and highways. The chapters are relatively short and direct because I know that, like me, most teenagers have a pretty short attention span. There are also areas for making notes that make it easy for parents to read the book first and then pass it to a young driver in the family with personalized notes and tips included. These note fields also make it a great resource for driver education classes. Not only is this book meant for new drivers, but it’s also a resource for experienced drivers wanting to refresh their defensive driving skills and learn new tips and skills.

Joe Fitzgerald is a former law enforcement officer and owner of Southeastern Driver Training Center. During his time in law enforcement, Joe had the opportunity to work many different assignments but served a large portion of his career investigating traffic crashes. He is a former traffic crash reconstructionist and has testified as an expert witness in the fields of traffic crash reconstruction, drug and alcohol impaired driving, standardized field sobriety testing, and the streets and highways of Wilmington, North Carolina. As a law enforcement officer, Joe was certified as a general law enforcement instructor, Standardized Field Sobriety Testing instructor, and Drug Recognition Expert instructor. In 2007, Joe was awarded the Outstanding Service Award by the New Hanover County District Attorney’s Office and North Carolina Governor’s Highway Safety Program. In 2015, Joe was certified by the North Carolina Division of Motor Vehicle as a Driver Education instructor.