The National Crash Prevention Program (NCPP) is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization with a mission to create safer roads through inspiration and education. NCPP offers Defensive Driving Courses and Keynote Presentations to schools and other organizations.

NCPP has just released a four-hour, online defensive driving course.  This course was created by Joe Fitzgerald, a former police officer and traffic crash reconstructionist. The course is designed to not only create safer drivers but to improve decision making skills. This course is the master class of defensive driving.

NCPP’s online defensive driving course is based upon the book, Fifteen Ways to Become a More Defensive Driver. Topics addressed in this course include speeding, impaired driving, distracted driving, situational awareness and much more!  The course is comprised of several short videos.  Upon completing each video segment students are required to answer a few questions correctly before moving on to the next segment. Once the course is completed each student will be issued a certificate of completion that can be printed out or emailed.  

This online defensive driving course is perfect for anyone that’s wants to become a more defensive driver!  NCPP’s online defensive driving course can be accessed at

Joe Fitzgerald is a former police officer and Traffic Crash Reconstructionist. He is the author of Fifteen Ways to Become a More Defensive Driver. Joe is the owner of Southeastern Driver Training Center and President of the National Crash Prevention Program.